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Where Can You Buy Cannabis/Weed in Ljubljana – Slovenia

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Cannabis in Slovenia

Cannabis in Slovenia is decriminalized, but its use remains illegal, which means that if you get caught with a small amount of cannabis, you won’t go to jail; you will just get a fine.

Currently, light cannabis, which contains a maximum of 0.3% THC, is allowed in Slovenia. For individuals, this information is important because if you are caught with a product containing more than 0.3% THC, you may get into trouble with the authorities, who can fine you up to 130 euros.

Slovenians and Cannabis

People in Slovenia love cannabis, and if you want it, you can get it in many places, but it still remains illegal. However, there are some very good cannabis shops there.

Where to Use It?

If you use cannabis, it is recommended to find locations away from people, and also to have as few people as possible around you because this way you reduce the risk of someone reporting you. Avoid using cannabis in main streets, main parks, or where you have a lot of people around you. This can get you into trouble.

Cannabis Shops in Slovenia

In Slovenia, the cannabis industry is a fascinating blend of evolving legal frameworks and growing public interest. The use of medical cannabis, under certain conditions and with appropriate prescriptions, is legal and has been gaining traction in the medical community. As the country navigates its relationship with cannabis, both medicinally and recreationally, enthusiasts and newcomers alike are exploring what Slovenia has to offer.

Where to Buy Legal Cannabis in Ljubljana

Dispensaries and specialized stores have been emerging, particularly in major cities like Ljubljana, offering a range of products from light cannabis oils and edibles to cosmetics. Avoid buying cannabis from Metelkova as there have been many reports of scams and rip-offs. Be careful!

One of the cannabis shops is our Red Eye Monkey, located right in the heart of the old city centre of Ljubljana, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional cannabis products including flowers, extracts, vapes, hashes, edibles, accessories, and cosmetics. What sets Red Eye Monkey apart is not just the diversity of our products but also the emphasis on quality. Every item in our inventory is carefully selected to ensure the highest standards and tested in a 3rd-party laboratory, catering to both seasoned cannabis users and those new to this world. Knowledgeable staff are ready to guide customers through the variety of products, ensuring they make informed choices. This high level of service is a cornerstone of Red Eye Monkey’s philosophy, making it a trusted name in the Slovenian cannabis scene.

Red Eye Monkey offers fast and reliable shipping for online orders, with most orders delivered within 1-2 days (in the region of Slovenia). This efficiency is a testament to customers who cannot visit the store in person.

Here is a pin location of our shop: Red Eye Monkey


In conclusion, be safe when using cannabis products. That’s why we recommend not buying weed from Metelkova Street as you might get scammed. Avoid using cannabis on main streets or crowded places to prevent complications. Purchase verified, high-quality cannabis for the best experience, and have a nice trip in this beautiful country.

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