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ArtGenetix Bacio Gelato 3 Seeds


The most powerful variety, an almost pure indica that proves its descent both in morphology and in effect. It will delight your palate with a marked aroma of cinnamon biscuit with an earthy touch. It grows and flowers luxuriantly without the need for pruning and/or high levels of nutrients.

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FEMALE Mint Chocolate Chips
INVERSION (Animal Cookies x Do-Si-Dos)
LINEAGE 80% indica-20% sativa
FLOWERING 8-9 weeks
HARVEST 500-600 gr/mq
THC LEVEL up to 30%

Germination of hemp seeds is illegal in most countries. These seeds are collectable adult souvenirs to help preserve the genetics for future generations. Any information on the packaging of the seeds, marketing material or websites, is given only for educational purposes.

Art Genetix is a union of individuals based in Italy, Israel, and the Canary Islands. Each one of them is concentrating their knowledge and expertise to bring the world new seeds of life, cultivated under the expert supervision of individuals with a passion for science, art, cannabis, and life itself. Every element contributing to the best seed quality is a top priority for them, just as every single seed selected for you, the customer. Our commitment is that your garden will bloom with joy, and not a single seed will go to waste.

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